Holiday Time!

“I’m a minimalist. I don’t really need much to enjoy a good holiday – just my family and the bare essentials.”
– Attributed to Jean Reno

Today is the last day of term for me, and what a term it has been. We have had Education Week Open Day, Book Week Character Parade, the 2016 Kindergarten Transition process has started, Peer Support Training for Year Six and Peer Support Groups on Thursday afternoons, various sporting teams have competed in their respective knock out competitions, the Zone Athletics Carnival (from which we have had a few students progress to represent the Zone at the State Athletics Carnival), the Lip Sync Battle….it has been an incredibly busy term.

I had planned to sit and reflect on this term via this article, but I need more time to process the events, look back through my day book, re-read the articles I have published this term, and reset mentally. With that in mind, I plan, currently, to publish something during the latter half of next week. Mrs C21stT and I are going away with some friends for the weekend and I will be without any internet access for the majority of the time, which will be a fantastic break. I plan to take some time to unwind, and relax until I return home and get back into planning mode.

I am hoping to catch up with my friends from university during the break, as well as catchup with the Central Coast members of my PLN. I am visiting the Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning (SCIL) to explore what their open learning spaces look like and to find out more about how they function in preparation for the move to those spaces when our school rebuild is completed, and to plan for next term. A teacher’s life is certainly not nine to three! I will be taking some time out to spend on myself and plan to get stuck into pre-season training as well, ready for refereeing again next season.

Until I am back online, have a safe and happy holidays.

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