The C21 Teaching Review: Mid-Semester One Break

The last two weeks have been a time when educators are working from home more so than from their classroom or have perhaps been taking the time recharge and refresh mentally and physically for term two. I have met with an enthusiastic librarian who wanted the opportunity to spend some time with me without any interruptions. I also spent some time with an IT Manager who wanted to have a chat about flipped learning and 360 videos.

I also spent some time with my own family and had the opportunity meet my colleague from Adelaide, had my motorbike stolen and then found by the Police a few days later (significant damage – am waiting on the insurance assessor report), have had a sick wife and daughter.

Here then, are the articles that I have published over the mid-semester break.

As always, to keep up to date with m FTPL Videos, articles, and Friday Freebies, visit the C21 Teaching website.

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