Do Educational Books Impede Our Progress?

An interesting article, and definitely something worth considering. The alternative that I have seen utilised is asking teachers to read a chapter over the course of the ensuing week, typically only twenty to thirty pages, which is more manageable. This of course requires that that the Professional Development session the following week be based around that chapter, which requires a bit more forethought and planning as to who is going to lead that session and how it will play out.

Cooper on Curriculum

Do Educational Books Impede Our Progress?A few months ago I was consulting with a principal who was planning to roll out differentiated instruction professional development in her school. A great deal of this planning time was dedicated to researching/deciding what book should serve as the basis for the learning.

After some conversation we started to ask ourselves if it was truly necessary to distribute a book to the teachers.

The Problems and The Solutions

When promoting change, we want to avoid or eliminate as many obstacles as possible, but often times we are creating yet another obstacle when we place a book in the hands of our coworkers.

Here are three ways in which books can impede our progress, along with a solution or two for each potential problem:

  1. Most “teacher books” are not based on actions, but research and theory. Research and theory generally help to promote interesting discussion and reflection, which can lead…

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