A Consolidated List of Education Nation Articles

Disclosure: My attendance at Education Nation (#EduNationAu) in June is through a media pass provided by the conference organisers.

At the time of writing this specific post, Education Nation is still just one week away. As I publish each article within the Education Nation series, I will update this list to include the new article.

Pre-Conference Articles

  1. Rethinking Conferences
  2. An Interview with Professor Masters
  3. An Interview with Dr. David Zyngier
  4. Considering the Program
  5. An Interview with Dr. Kevin Donnelly

Review Articles – Day One

  1. Day One Session One | Brett Salakas
  2. Day One Session One | Professor Geoff Masters
  3. Education Nation | The Playground
  4. Day One Session Two | Peter Mader
  5. Day One Session Three | Prue Gill and Ed Cuthbertson
  6. Day One Session Four | Teresa Deshon
  7. Day One Session Four | The Great Debate

Review Articles – Day Two

  1. Day Two Session One | Minister Simon Birmingham
  2. Day Two Session One | Lila Mularczyk
  3. Day Two Session Two | Murat Dizdar and Professor Ken Wiltshire
  4. Day Two Session Three | Olivia O’Neill
  5. Day Two Session Three | Leanne Steed and Elizabeth Amvrazis
  6. Day Two Session Three | Corinne Campbell
  7. Day Two Session Four | The Hewes Family

General Review of Education Nation

  1. Post Event Musings

7 thoughts on “A Consolidated List of Education Nation Articles

  1. Dear Brendan

    Re your article on The Playground, we would love to connect with you to discuss your beliefs about how we did (or didn’t) engage the delegates as vendors should. While I totally agree with your article in terms of how vendors should engage with delegates, it is a bit of a two way street when so many delegates walk past your stand with eyes down, honestly not wanting you to speak to them. There is a fine line between engaging a delegate and accosting one!

    That said, I would like to know more about the actual pass you wore, because if you were press, we should have made more effort to engage you, though perhaps less so if you were tagged as a primary teacher, as apart from one or two small tours, we don’t really solve problems for junior school teachers. We tend to want to engage more with middle and senior school teachers, plus decision makers. And press of course!

    All that said, I take on board your comments and would be really honoured if you would be able to take the time to speak with me. I have sent you a Twitter DM with my phone number.

    Engaging with delegates is a fundamental marketing strategy for us and if we are not doing it well at all or well enough, then feedback is the most valuable way for us to improve. I am very concerned that you found us apparently acting in the way we did. I admit to not being there myself, but it is my job to ensure that we engage and show just how many problems that we can solve with our products, as they are most definitely the most unique in the marketplace

    Many thanks for your article and I hope to her from you soonest,

    Kind regards

    Jenny Murphy
    Latitude Group Travel


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