Gratitude Challenge Day Ten

“Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul.”
– Attributed to Henry Ward Beecher

Today’s topic for the gratitude challenge is technology, a gadget or a device, and as I sit here at the end of the day, reflecting on the day, I am grateful that I am teaching in an era where technology is prolific, and in many ways, ubiquitous, as opposed to the days of only having blackboards and chalk, an experience that many of my colleagues had. The ability to utilise technology in so many ways in the class makes teaching more interesting on many levels.

I have started teaching my Stage Three students about research skills they will need throughout high school and in their adult life, framing them in terms of how the skills can help them do certain things like plan a holiday, buy a car etc. The first topic is note-taking, and the ability to use technology to bring up a Wikipedia page, and then use the interactive whiteboard to write notes all over the page, as we highlight the key ideas and create our notes together is a huge book and makes the process simpler than it may have been without technology.

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