Stormy Seas

just a very brief note. Many of you may be aware of the storms currently lashing significant portions of the NSW coastline.

I am unfortunately in that zone and have had no power since just after midnight on Monday night/Tuesday morning. 

I am ok and I have no damage to my house or those around mine, however there is significant damage to large portions of the coast with hundreds of trees down, flooded roads, and according Ausgrid, over 205,000 houses without power. There have also, tragically been some deaths with three killed when a house was washed away at Dungog.

My school has been closed all this week, as a tree has come down and knocked a demountable toilet block off its foundation, however there are schools that have had more significant damage. 

I won’t get another blog up until power is back on and some semblance of normality has been restored. This is a sneaky post at my father-in-law’s house as we drop off some food that, remarkably, is still semi-frozen. 

Stay safe if you’re in the storm zone. Keep your thoughts with the emergency service personnel, SES and power company personnel who are out working in these dangerous conditions. 

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