Movie-making with Students

“The most honest form of film-making is to make a film for yourself.”
– Attributed to Peter Jackson

With Education Week upon us, in NSW at least, I thought it an opportune time to publish and highlight a film clip I made with some Year One students at the end of Term Two this year. It was Thursday afternoon, after lunch, and we had completed theĀ unit of work the previous week, and I did not want to start the next unit, given that I would not see the class for another three weeks (I ordinarily have this class on Monday’s, and Monday of week one for term three was a staff development day.

I had been filming some content for my flipped-class videos that morning during my RFF time, and was coming back into school during the first week of the school holidays to get some more content filmed, so I had left the kit set up, and decided to utilise it to have some end-of-term fun with this class in the last session, for me, for the term.

So this video represents my first attempt at using the chroma-key kit with a class to make a film clip. I showed it to the class and their teacher when I had them at the beginning of week two this term, and the students absolutely loved it. The delight on their faces, even on the boys faces who would not have had a bar of being involved at the time, and the joy on the teacher’s face was well worth the time (which was actually not that much, around an hour all told) invested in processing the clip.

Please enjoy this as much as I, the students and their teacher did. I would love to hear from anyone who has done anything with chroma-key in their class. On a slightly related and exciting note, I have heard that we will be getting a green-screen room in the school rebuild!