FlipLearnCon Keynote by Heather Davis

If you have read yesterday’s article, I recently attended the Sydney iteration of FlipLearnCon. Heather Davis, as discussed in that article was presenting from the secondary education perspective and kindly consented for her presentation to be recorded and shared online. I have embedded below Heather’s presentation split into short sections. Please note that the first video contains a section which has deliberately been pixelated to protect the privacy of the students who are providing their feedback.

Part One

  • Entry into flipped learning
  • Why I decided to flip
  • Feedback from some of Heather’s students about flipped learning

Part Two

  • Flip101
  • Flipped Mastery
  • The use of topic outlines
  • Ideas for tracking student progress across a topic or unit
  • The in-flip and the structured in-flip

Part Three

  •  Tips for making flipped content
  • Some tools for making flipped content
  • Some short examples of Heather’s flipped content
  • Getting students onboard
  • Getting parents on board by flipping the parent-teacher meeting or information night.

Part Four

  • Question and answer session with Heather.