Quickly Celebrating the Small Things

I feel like I have not achieved much today, in some ways, and I do not feel like I will get much done this afternoon between a staff meeting, chiropractic appointment and a meeting that I have to go to at Warners Bay this evening. I am currently typing this on my iPad as I wait for the weekly staff meeting to begin.

I have not had time today, for reasons, to type out my next article in the series on the Staff Development a day that I attended last Monday, nor will I have time tomorrow, as it is the school athletics carnival.

The small thing to celebrate is that I received an email today advising me that I had been nominated by my Honours supervisor to submit my dissertation for consideration to be presented at the Australiasian Conference of Undergraduate Researchers ( ACUR), which takes place at the end of September, in Perth, Western Australia.

It involves a four thousand word submission which is then considered, and though I intend to submit, I will be hard pushed to get it done as quickly as I would like.

Thank you for reading, as always, and I will try to get an article done for tomorrow, but given my time pressures, I do not think I will be successful.


“You are educated. Your certification is in your degree. You may think of it as the ticket to the good life. Let me ask you to think of an alternative. Think of it as your ticket to change the world.”

– Attributed to Tom Brokaw
As my regular readers would be aware, I completed my four year initial teacher degree last year, and did so with substantial academic success. Graduating with Honours Class I, the Education Faculty Medal and a GPA over six is something I am rather proud of achieving. This afternoon I received a phone call from the Graduation Office, asking if I was planning on attending my graduation ceremony in July this year.
I indicated that I was, and the person with whom I was speaking followed up with anther question.
“You’ve been recommended to be the Graduate Speaker, is that something you would be interested in undertaking.”
Certainly not an honour I was expecting, and I have accepted the offer to undertake this prestigious job.
If someone told past-Brendan that he would achieve everything current-Brendan has achieved, past-Brendan would have laughed uproariously.
Now to write the speech!

Be more awesome

“A day without laughter is a day wasted.”
– Attributed to Nicolas Chamfort

Today is Friday, the day that everyone regards as being an awesome day, as it is the beginning, for most people, of the weekend, of two days of not being at the work place. It is an odd day in many respects, as whilst it may be the end of the work week for some, that also means that it is now time to undertake the various chores around the house that have accumulated throughout the work week.

I find myself feeling inspired and motivated today, which is somewhat bizarre. On Wednesday, and again yesterday, I found myself feeling very lethargic and lacking in motivation, and I do not feel as if I achieved anything. Today, despite the fact that it has rained all day, despite the fact that I have had a number of interruptions due to various things, I find myself feeling motivated and energetic, and I feel that I have completed a respectable amount of work today.

One of my interruptions today was having the NBN (National Broadband Network) connected inside the house. I wanted to test the difference, and so ran the Ookla speed test which showed a very large improvement (ADSL: 21ms ping, 5.95 Mbps DL and 0.85 Mbps UL. NBN: 4ms ping, 23.72 Mbps DL and 4.85 Mbps UL), however I wanted something more visible, so I went to YouTube to see how long a video would take to buffer. The first video that popped up was Kid President’s Pep Talk video, and it downloaded incredibly quickly, however I decided to sit and watch it. It really is a very powerful video, and I felt it worth sharing on this wet and windy Friday afternoon.

Remember, be more awesome this weekend. Be awesome to your friends, your family, your neighbours and keeping being awesome on Monday.

Who inspires you to be awesome? Let me know in the comments.