The C21 Teaching Review – Week 7

It has been another big week. Here are the articles I posted over at C21 Teaching during Term One, Week Seven. As always, head over to for the most up to date articles, Flipped Teacher Professional Learning videos and free resources.

  • FTPL – How to access and start a new OneNote notebook
    • In this Flipped Teacher Professional Learning video, I show you how to access and start OneNote through your Office365 account. For more helpful videos like this, please check the FTPL Videos page.
  • Why I am leaving classroom teaching
    • I have made a rather significant decision to accept a new position which sees me leaving direct classroom teaching. Read why in this article.
  • Last day at school reflections
    • This took the place of the day’s article and is actually a live Periscope video that I broadcast through Twitter as I left my school for the final time as a classroom teacher, reflecting on the bittersweet feeling.

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