Taking time for yourself

“Sometimes I need to remind myself that taking time for myself is not selfish, but necessary.”

I have decided that I will not be publishing anything this week, barring something particularly amazing happening, as I have caught myself bringing work home too often of late, spending time working or planning for school in times when I had decided would spend time with Mrs c21st. One of my goals for the year was to  manage my work / like balance more effectively, and I had made decisions about how I would manage that, mainly through restricting when I would do school-related planning or programming whilst at home.

There have been a number of changes recently, not least of which is the burgeoning pregnancy of Mrs C21st, which my students are loving hearing about, but which have been creating significant pressure and I need to manage that more effectively in order to not wear myself out.

With that in mind, unless something particularly exciting comes up, I do not anticipate posting a new article until the beginning of Term Two. The exception to that is if I am able to get some more FTPL Videos recorded, which I do plan on doing over the break. Additionally, I may re-post previous articles. If you are travelling for the mid-semester break, stay safe, and come back for Term Two refreshed and revitalised.

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