Consolidated list of FTPL Videos

This article is a consolidated list of all of the Flipped Teacher Professional Learning videos that I have created and, provided I remember, will be updated as new videos are uploaded.

  1. Setting up GClassroom on an iPad
  2. How to set up GDrive on an iPad
  3. Creating a Kahoot
  4. Learning about Kahoot
  5. Setting up G Classroom
  6. Using GDocs in the Classroom
  7. Using GDocs in the Classroom Part Two
  8. Introduction to Google Drive
  9. Accessing GafE through a DoE login
  10. Introduction to GDrive
  11. Why Should Teachers Use Twitter?
  12. How to Use Twitter
  13. GDocs in Action
  14. Creating and Editing Courses and Topics in Mathletics
  15. Using Tweetdeck
  16. Using Storify with Twitter
  17. Flipped Learning
    1. Including a video introduction to flipped learning, reviews from FlipConAus15, FlipLearnCon16 and other links and videos.
  18. Using Twitter in the Classroom
  19. Student use of Twitter
  20. Using Lists on Twitter
  21. URL Shorteners
  22. QR Codes
  23. Uploading Files to GDrive from your Device
  24. Introduction to GForms
  25. Setting up a New GForm
  26. Accessing GForm Responses
  27. GForms and Quizzes
  28. Multi Visibility
  29. Using GSheets to Record Data
  30. Using the new Kahoot Creator
  31. Making GDrive Content Available Offline
  32. Accessing Office365
  33. Opening, Creating, and Uploading Documents with Office365
  34. OneDrive Walkthrough

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