Consolidated list of #FlipConAus 2015 Articles

In conversations with various people today, the subject of flipped learning came up on numerous occasions. To make it easier for those people to read about the topic here is a consolidated list of articles from FlipConAus 2015.

  1. Day One Part One – Masterclass with Joel Speranza
  2. Day One Part Two – Masterclass with Joel Speranza
  3. Day Two Part One – Keynote from Jon Bergmann and Aaron Sams
  4. Day Two Part Two– Flipping Primary Education Panel discussion
  5. Day Two Part Three – Warren McMahon – Flipping: Can I really Do It? Katie Jackson – How to Run a Maths Flipped Classroom
  6. Day Three Part One – Crystal Caton – How We Flipped and You Can Too and Jeremy LeCornu – My Flipped Classroom
  7. Day Three Part Two – Keynote from Jon Bergmann and Aaron Sams
  8. Day Three Part Three – Matt Burns – Flipping the K-6 Classroom and K-12 Leadership

I would also recommend those people seek out and connect with, amongst others, Joel Speranza, Jeremy LeCornu, Alfina Jackson and Matt Burns, who are all doing great work, in different contexts, within the flipped learning space.

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