No Longer A First Year Teacher

After completing my initial teacher education (ITE) last year, I began casual work and then was targeted for a temporary teaching block this year. After tomorrow, I cease being a First Year about teacher and the conversations I have had with my job-share partner for next year, Mrs W, and our classroom neighbour, Mr H, leave me feeling more nervous than I did this year. 

Next year I am on a class, three days per week in a job-share arrangement, and while there will naturally be some negotiation going on as to how Mrs W and I structure and run the class, I am actually feeling more nervous about actually stepping up. This year I have been teaching in an RFF (release from face-to-face, or non-contact) capacity, specifically teaching technology skills, and at most, I have each class for only one hour, once a week. Next year, this is no hiding, no giving them back after an hour if they or I are having an off day. 

While I have plenty of support around me, colleagues, mentors, Mrs C21st and a number of students telling me that I am an excellent teacher, I still have that whisper in the back of my mind that laughs at the concept of me being a good teacher. For many teachers, or so I am led to believe, the first year old ur is the make or break year. I feel like it will be next year for me and am rather nervous about it.

This is not helped by the fact that my room for next year currently is non-functional in so far as there is no network or internet access, meaning that in a class which is supposed to be BYODD, I am unable to even mark the role or view notices on the school’s intranet.  Not the most positive start to the year. Mrs W, Mr H and I have arranged already to meet during January to plan and program together, as it makes sense, given that we have the only two straightYear Five classes and are in adjoining classrooms, to work together. We have brainstormed some ideas already, and Mrs W and I are hoping to sit down after the SDD on Thursday to begin hashing out our own workload division to enable us to begin our own planning. 

Additionally, I hope to find out a provisional class list so that I can sit down with the teachers in whose classes my students next year have been in this year for a handover discussion. It makes sense to me to have those conversations before the end of the year, while the students are still fresh in the various teachers’ minds in order to begin constructing a 365-Chart to allow Mrs W and myself to learn about our students, as much as we can, before the beginning of next year to enable us to build strong relationships from day one.

While I am most definitely excited to be on class next year, I am also incredibly nervous. Do you do a handover of y students? How do you manage that process? What would you like to be able to do? Let me know either in the comments, or over  Twitter.

This will most likely be the last article for the year. I have spent the last few days running the AV controls for Presentation Day and the Year Six Show, and intend to spend the remainder of the yea, after tomorrow and the SDD on Thursday enjoying the new Star Wars movie (I am very excited to have tickets for the midnight premiere. yes, I am a nerd) and spending some time with Mrs C21st, preparing for Christmas. Have a safe and happy Christmas break. Take some time for your own wellbeing and be ready to hit the classroom refreshed and rejuvenated next year. Thank you for reading this year.

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