Teacher Fever

“No bubble is so iridescent or floats longer than that blown by the successful teacher.”
– Attributed to William Osler

Just a short article today, posting from my bed. I had a blast at the school Christmas Carols last night, running the photo booth with the help of a number of fantastic Year Six students. Unfortunately, I think I stayed too long. I had been coming down with something for a day or two and had that slightly flu-like feeling in the back of my throat.

I left school last night, got home and went to bed with the shivers. Mrs C21st took one look at me and went to get the thermometer, which showed a temperature of 38.6 degree C. I felt as healthy as Darth Vader, and like a little child huddled up in bed under the blankets shivering. Mrs C21st rang my Assistant Principal to tell her I would not be coming in tomorrow, which apparently was not a surprise as I had looked rather unwell. I have spent the day alternating between the bed and the couch, and while I felt better earlier on, with my temperature dropping back down to 37.5 degrees C, it is back up to 38 at the moment.

Teacher Fever is something I had often laughed off, but not now. I have not felt this low since I had pneumonia several years ago. The thing that somewhat frustrates me is how guilty I feel for calling in sick when it is just a fever. Intellectually I know that I am better off here at home in bed resting and recovering, yet there is still a feeling of guilt that I cannot shake.

Look after yourselves over these last few weeks of the year, and here is hoping I am well by the weekend as Mrs C21st and I are due to stand as Godparents for a friend’s first-born down in Wollongong.

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