Yes, and… Thoughts on print versus digital reading by Kristin Ziemke

This is a different take on the narrative around digital and print literacy. There does very much seem to be a domination of the either/or narrative on this topic, however, I agree with Kristin when she advocates for a shift towards “yes, and…” when discussing this.

Reading is a critical skills, regardless of whether we are referring to print or digital; regardless of whether we are reading for pleasure and enjoyment or reading for professional reasons. The skill set used is slightly different, but no less important in both macros (is that the right term?). It should not be either/or, it should be “yes, and…”

Nerdy Book Club

I come from a place of pedagogy.  Raised by teachers who were readers and nurtured by principals who believed their most important job was to place text in the hands of kids.  I come from classroom libraries and nightly book checkout, from teacher book clubs and living like a reader.  I come from conversations about what’s on your nightstand and passion for poetry and periodicals.

I am a reader. I have seen the power of books as a just-right title is placed in the hands of a child, and how that changes everything for that student from that day forward.  I love paper books and spend a significant portion of my time and salary procuring them for students.  In fact, my first graders often joke I visit the local bookstore so frequently that my car sometimes takes me there against my will.

As an author and someone who has spent…

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