Back….but off again

“My daily schedule is quite hectic, but I have to put my health first in order to be the best mum and wife I can be. ”
– Attributed to Ellen Pompeo

I indicated at the beginning of the mid-year holidays that I would be taking the time off to spend time with my wife, and that I would be away for the second week. Now that term three has begun in ernest, I had envisioned that I would dive straight back into my term two routine of writing a blog article each day through the week, partly as a reflection upon my teaching, partly as a reflection upon on my professional learning.

I am about halfway through an article based upon the staff development day that I attended yesterday, and have realised that I need to spend some time recovering from my week away, sort myself out for school and firm up my lesson plans so that I am not relying upon the ten step plan method of teaching, wherein I plan the lesson in the ten steps before I open the classroom door.

I believe that had I not been away for the second week of the holidays, that I would not find myself in the quandry that I am in, that I would be properly planned and ready for the new term, but given that I am still catching up on lost sleep, I think that for my own well-being, the quality of my teaching, and my marriage, I need to spend this week focusing on finding my balance and routine again, I need to get the basics back into order before I add more to the plate.

This means forming up my lesson objectives for my students, catching up on my sleep, and spending time with my wife. I have no plans this weekend, and will use that time to ensure that I have some blog articles ready to go for next week, but I think that the quality of my teaching, my own well-being and my marriage have to come before this blog, no matter how much I do actually enjoy the process of writing the articles.

I thank you for reading and take my leave for this week, and wish you all a strong start to term three, and hope that you will forgive this unexpected absence.

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