“Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them.”
– Attributed to William Arthur Ward

A new, exciting and potentially highly beneficial opportunity came to my attention recently. There is a research project that was trialed in some Central Coast high schools last year, that is about to trialed in some Central Coast primary schools. A presentation detailing the project was given today by the research coordinator, and it sounds like an excellent opportunity.

The project is called Central Coast Cloud School, and is aimed towards disengaged Stage Three students, in an attempt to reengage those students in mathematics and/or science and/or HSIE through flipped learning and game inspired learning. I am highly interested in submitting an Expression of Interest for one of the three teacher positions for this project, which is anticipated to consist of two days of intense professional development, five weeks of online classes and presumably some debrief and reflection time afterwards.

My only concern is that my proverbial plate is full enough, and I am not sure that I can put anything on my plate. That said, when I described the opportunity and what it involved to my wife, she was encouraging of me putting an application in. The project takes what I am doing in my current position a step further than what I had planned to attempt for this year, it ties in directly with my professional development plan, and it potentially will assist in my eventual academic career by providing me with experience in a funded educational research project.

I am very much leaning towards submitting an application, and am currently attempting to determine what competing time sinks I could divest myself of, to afford me with the time needed to participate in this project.

As always, thank you for reading. I would be interested to hear what process you go through to determine which activities you can disengage with to free up time to engage with alternative activities.

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