Redefining Education

“I will not let an exam result decide my fate.”
– Suli Breaks, Vanity Fair, 2009

I recently wrote an article discussing the need to redefine our roles as educators titled Redefining ContentAs I was scrolling through my Twitter Feed recently I stumbled upon a link to a YouTube video titled Why I Hate School But Love Education. It is a spoken word video, delivered by a young gent, and is an exposition on his views on schooling and education and it is rather thought provoking.

On my first view, I am rather unsure how I feel about it, and am left with a certain feeling of cognitive dissonance, and feel affronted and as if my own philosophy towards teaching has been challenged, a feeling which I quickly quashed as being silly. The underlying principle of this man’s words is one that, on the whole, I think I agree with, that being the principle that we need to redefine what schooling and education are as they are not what they were even a generation ago, let along being the same as the early years of the nineteenth century.

I’ll post the video below, and I would very much like to hear what people’s thoughts are.

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